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Personal Training in Spring Hill

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Evolve Movement Therapy’s mission is to evolve every patient or member into a healthier more active individual that is ready to move through life with more mobility, strength, and less pain.

Personal Training

Our sessions are focused fitness and strength training programs tailored to meet your specific goals.


Personal Training

One on One Sessions

30 Minute
45 Minute
60 Minute

Group Fitness

30 Day Free Trial
Intro Offer
Drop In
Forever Young Drop In
Forever Young Monthly
12 Month Membership
6 Month Membership
3 Month Membership
Month to Month Membership
12 Month Paid In Full

Sports Performance

Our sport specific training by a licensed strength and conditioning coach helps every athlete progress to the highest level of performance in their sport.

Training Recovery

Recovery is done in our treatment room that utilizes Normatec compression, percussion therapy, IV fluid treatment, electrical stimulation, and other cutting edge treatments.