Adult onset scoliosis, also known as degenerative scoliosis, results from degeneration of the facet joints and intervertebral discs, which are the moving parts of the spine.

Karen was first diagnosed and treated for arthritis and degenerative disc disease for over 10 years before her curvature developed. As with most diagnosis, the curvature was discovered in an x-ray in November of 2021 after she had become so debilitated she couldn’t walk through the parking lot, much less grocery shop.

For the next year, Karen underwent nonsurgical treatment that consisted of chiropractic care, physical therapy and spinal decompression. Her pain continued to increase and she resorted to a consult with a neurosurgeon. A decision she now feels was delayed due to differing opinions, but inevitably the best decision. Surgery was scheduled for January of 2023.

Karen had a nine level spinal fusion/disectomy/laminectomy, as well as a pelvic fixation, as a result of adult onset scoliosis. In her case it was hereditary.

Over the course of 2023, Karen had 3 additional surgeries due to sepsis (read more details by visiting her husband’s blog link below).

In January of 2024, Karen contacted us at Evolve to begin her next phase; overcoming years of limited activity and deconditioned state. She currently works with a personal trainer 3 times a week specific to strength training. While her range of motion will always be limited, her activity level is not.

This is just the beginning of a really great comeback story! Check out her husband Chad’s blog with more personal details and experiences.